Babson introduced entrepreneurship as a discrete academic discipline nearly 50 years ago and it remains an integral part of our DNA.

But the world keeps changing and as it does, so must our definition of who an entrepreneur is and what skills he or she needs to make an impact. In the past, entrepreneurs were seen as lone visionaries; today, teams, divisions, even whole enterprises are striving to be more entrepreneurial. Babson’s innovation was to break entrepreneurship education out of its silo and integrate it across the curriculum so our students can learn to apply their entrepreneurial skills from a foundation of strong functional business knowledge.

Connecting theory with practice, we infuse Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® throughout our curricular and co-curricular offerings. From Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship, a required course for all first-year undergraduates, to advanced graduate school electives such as Buying a Small Business or Entrepreneurship, Analytics, and Strategy of the Firm, students can choose from dozens of entrepreneurship courses. In our hands-on, collaborative environment, students and faculty see the world as it really is and conceive innovative solutions. Our campus is a learning/living laboratory where we question assumptions and value new ideas. In shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we are ourselves shaped by the new knowledge and restless energy that is part and parcel of the Babson experience.

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