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At Babson Summer Study, an intensive pre-college online summer program, you'll cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset needed to create opportunities where others see obstacles. Immersed in our unique Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® methodology for turning ideas into action, you’ll gain practical skills and an unparalleled perspective on real-world business challenges to create value for yourself and for society. 

Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience

EPS 1110 • 4 College Credits

Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience allows you to develop your problem-solving and teamwork skills that you can apply in limitless settings, including business, nonprofit, government, and your career. Using an entrepreneurial lens, you will explore social, economic, and environmental problems framed by the U.N. Global Goals. You'll gain exposure to key concepts in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, finance, business communication, and other disciplines.

Please watch the recording from our first Summer Study information session below which details this summer's programming.

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Class sessions are taught by Babson faculty with subject matter expertise.

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Social Impact Framework

The UN Global Goals are not just "business as a force for good" but a $12 trillion market opportunity.

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Student Ventures

You will develop a venture idea, whether for a business, movement, or creative endeavor.

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An Immersive Experience

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Course Agenda

The course is divided into three phases with 15 modules. You begin Phase One by identifying what inspires you and your team. Your team will then participate in the ideation process (Phase Two) where you will prototype and test ideas that will make the world a better place, both locally and globally. 

The third and final phase focuses on implementation, how you can turn your idea and vision into reality by developing a business or service model to support its launch. This phase culminates with the presentation of your Social Impact Project that describes why the idea is an opportunity, how it will be launched, how the venture will be financially viable, what the organization design is, and how you and your team will create social and economic value. 

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to better understand yourself by reflecting upon what motivates you. You will define your passions, assess what makes you unique, consider your strengths and weaknesses, and think about how you can contribute as a member of a fast-paced team. You'll learn how to deal with conflict, see failure as a learning opportunity, discover how to become an entrepreneurial leader, communicate your ideas, and build a strong, diverse team and network.


"I learned that entrepreneurship is not just about business, but is actually a way of thinking, a mindset. You can apply entrepreneurship to a business, to an outside organization, to problems you’ll have with your family, to problems you have in any situation of your life. Entrepreneurship is not about just making money, but actually solving problems."

– Camila de Santana Silva
Summer Study 2019
Recife, Brazil