<< Summer Study Program

You will have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with peers from different countries, with diverse lived experiences. There will be live and asynchronous academic coursework each day during the four week course. Live sessions will last approximately 2.5 hours. In addition, you should prepare to spend up to 5 additional hours each day (25 hours per week) working on out-of-class assignments with your team. The added flexibility provided by digital and asynchronous learning platforms – combined with more traditional, synchronous live classes with experienced professors – allows you to learn from peers around the globe. 

When you apply, you will have the opportunity to select which cohort you would like to join. Both cohorts learn the same material and engage with Babson faculty and entrepreneurship experts in the same way. The only difference is when you will have live (synchronous) online classes. Your decision should be based on the time zone you will be living in during Summer 2022. For example, if you live in China, you should select Cohort Two where classes are live in the morning for you but in the evening at Babson College.  If you are living in the United States, you should select Cohort One where classes are in the morning for you and for the Babson team. You will want to be in a cohort with peers who also live in similar time zones to ensure you can easily work together.

The two cohort options are noted below (these are all US/Babson College eastern time zones). If you need to figure out what time this is where you live, please go to:

      • Cohort One Live meetings: 9:30 AM EDT to 12:00 PM EDT OR
      • Cohort Two Live meetings: 7:30 PM EDT to 10:00 PM EDT


You can expect to participate in live (or “synchronous”) class sessions and small group meetings with faculty members and academic mentors each day. These sessions will last approximately 2.5 hours during the cohort time zone previously described.

A different topic will be covered in detail each day and attendance is mandatory. You are expected to actively participate in all live class sessions. Please note that classes will be recorded for students who are unable to attend due to an emergency or illness. You will receive a detailed schedule a few weeks before the course begins.

Each week, you will:

  • Learn from experienced Babson faculty 
  • Develop the core competencies of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®, Babson’s renowned methodology for creating the future you envision for yourself, your community, and the world
  • Collaborate with your peers to solve a problem using the skills and mindset you have developed
  • Experience a unique combination of both individual work and teamwork
  • Work with and learn from peers around the globe



Email Babson Summer Study or call 781-239-4400.


"I didn’t know most of my teammates. We all came from different countries and sometimes we had very different perspectives, so there were times we disagreed. I learned that sometimes I can be dominant and that what I need to do is practice stepping back and listening. It sounds easy but in the moment can be difficult. We learned that to be an efficient team, we need to listen to everyone’s perspectives and ideas."

– Andrew (Shihang) Su
Summer Study 2019
Souderton, Pennsylvania, United States
Hometown: Shenzhen, China