Social Impact Framework

At Babson Summer Study, our mission is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—simultaneously.

Every great venture addresses a need. We believe there are no greater challenges ripe for innovation than the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (UN SDGs)—the most pressing issues facing our communities, like climate change, racial injustice, and income inequality.

The UN Global Goals aren’t just an example of “business as a force for good.” They represent a $12 trillion market opportunity for entrepreneurial leaders and problem-solvers.

What is Social Impact?

We define social impact as any activity that advances one or more of the UN SDGs. After all, the Global Goals will require multiple people working together across every sector, in a variety of capacities and contexts, to create sustainable positive impact.

Using the UN Global Goals as a common framework, how can you focus on one or more SDGs to shape your ideas and create positive change?

By connecting the dots between passion, purpose, and action, you will build awareness of what it means to be a true agent of change in your community and the world.

“Through Summer Study I’ve been able to explore the area of social entrepreneurship, and I’m extremely excited to take what I have learned back to my community at home. My long-term goal is to become a social entrepreneur and I’m currently working on a project to convert food waste into energy in order to obtain a social innovation badge.”

- Marco Nie
Shenzhen, China