FutureLab Sustainability Sprint

Experiential Learning

Babson’s mission is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—everywhere. The Institute for Social Innovation has developed courses and experiential learning for students to gain real-world experience in social value creation.

MBA Intensity Track

Business & Social Innovation Intensity Track

This Intensity Track for MBAs focuses on developing the mindset, skills, and competencies needed to create economic and social value simultaneously. Students begin connecting to expanded resources and networks that are valuable in leading social innovation initiatives, whether inside a business or in any other domain.

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For undergraduates interested in social innovation, check out concentrations like:

Learning in Practice Opportunities

Social Innovation Inventureships

Through this first-of-its-kind program, students co-create a project and work at a strategic level with social enterprises or companies seeking to generate greater social impact.

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Babson Board Fellows

Babson MBA students and alumni serve as non-voting members of nonprofit boards. The program supports local nonprofits and gives students another opportunity to put their MBA skills into practice.

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Community Action Program (CAP)

Undergrad students can work on community service projects like youth mentorship, teaching entrepreneurship, nonprofit internships, and tax support for people living below the poverty line.

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Service Immersion

These trips during campus breaks allow undergrad students to engage in intensive service experiences with in-need communities while promoting civic engagement and leadership development.

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MBA Courses

Graduate courses like Leading for Social Value are highly intensive electives, providing students the opportunity to meet entrepreneurial leaders and gain experience working on current real-world social impact challenges with organizations.

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