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    Financial Aid


    Midyear Financial Aid Appeal Form

    Summer Financial Aid Form


    Scholarship Thank Yous (for donor relations)

    Student Employment

    Scholarship Search Engines and Other Resources

    Outside and Private Scholarships

    The Scholarship Search Engines above can help you to find the scholarships that are most applicable to your strengths, interests, and skills. In addition, Student Financial Services updates the list below as we are made aware of scholarships that may be applicable to some or all of our students. This list is not comprehensive but can also be a good place to start your search.

    Applying for Loans

    Babson Loan Recommendations

    Federal Direct Loans

    Loan Repayment

    Managing Your Account

    Third Party Proxy

    • If your student has set you up as a Third Party Proxy, you can access their Student Financial Services information on Workday.

    Payment Plans

    Babson’s Health Insurance

    • University Health Plans
    • To waive or enroll in Babson's health insurance plan, go to the finances icon in Workday and click on "Enrollment/Waiver Form"

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