Replacement Diploma Requests

    A Babson graduate may request a replacement diploma in the event that the original was either lost or destroyed.

    The name printed on the replacement diploma will be the diploma name requested by the student at the time of graduation, if available, or the name on the student's record. For degrees granted prior to July of 1997, the replacement diploma will have an updated format and bear the signatures of the current College President and Chair of the Board of Trustees.

    Only one replacement diploma may be issued per student for each degree earned.

    The fee for a replacement diploma is fifty dollars ($50.00) per degree. Payment may be made by check only.

    In place of a replacement diploma, students may request a Degree Verification Letter if a verification of a degree is required for employers or for visa purposes.

    Request Process

    To request a replacement diploma, complete and mail the Diploma Request Form along with a $50.00 check made payable to Babson College.

    Requests are typically processed within one to two weeks once received. For expedited shipping or courier delivery service, please specify this on your request form and follow these instructions. Express mail or courier service is at your expense and may expedite the shipping time, but will not expedite our processing time.

    If an Apostille is required, please follow the Apostille Instructions (pdf).