The Externship Program, offered by the Undergraduate Center for Career Development, is a program designed for students in the exploration phase of their career development.

    Spend one to five days, observing professionals on the job and gain an understanding of a career, industry, organization, or function. 

    Student FAQ: Why Do an Externship?

    • Develop a more refined and realistic understanding of your career goals​
    • Shadow a professional in action and ask questions regarding processes, procedures, and functions
    • Clarify questions that they might have about a particular field of interest
    • Encourage networking and mentor relationships
    • Question and test assumptions about a function or process
    • Be more attuned to what they can expect in a possible career track​ 

    Benefit for Hosts

    • No cost to alumni or organizations – Students provide their own housing and transportation and are NOT compensated for time spent with their hosting organizations.
    • A great internship recruiting tool - An externship provides you with the opportunity to meet and identify candidates early in the recruiting process for summer internship opportunities.
    • Exposure – Many students have misconceptions about career fields and organizations. They have no idea what a particular career job entails and they may have a passing understanding of most organizations outside of the name brands. An externship gives students the chance to develop a firsthand understanding and see for themselves what your organization is about.
    • Giving back – A great way to give back to Babson College is with your time and experience. An externship provides you with an opportunity to make a nonmonetary contribution to the college.

    For more information or to volunteer as an Externship host, please contact Arline MacCormack at 781-239-4003.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​