Fast Track Your Career Growth as a Global Entrepreneurial Leader

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Babson have partnered together to offer the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership to help career growth-minded professionals navigate uncertainty, address ambiguity with confidence, and solve complex problems in international business.

In today’s global economy, leaders need strong knowledge of international protocol and etiquette that prepares them to negotiate, communicate, and engage in global business. With this global leadership certificate, participants will develop innovative business acumen that prepares them to lead effective and positive change in an increasingly interconnected global environment.

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2 Multilateral Diplomacy Courses
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2 Multilateral Diplomacy Courses


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Important Dates

Starts September 13, 2022
Ends June 3, 2023
Apply by August 27, 2022

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Live Online

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Duration/​Time Commitment

10 month program; ~6.25 days of live online classes; pre-post work with each course

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Full Certificate Program Cost


*In alignment with the UNITAR international pricing policies, subsidized pricing is available for participants from low-income countries. See the Certificate Costs and Logistics tab below for detials.

World Class Global Learning Applied to Entrepreneurial Leadership on a Global Scale

Tap into the combined power of Babson Executive Education and UNITAR with our global business certificate. Build the personal and professional skills to prepare you for success as an international business leader.

  • Reach your full potential as an international leader prepared with communication, multilateral negotiation, diplomacy, self-presentation, and public speaking skills
  • Learn the foundations of how to be an entrepreneurial leader, and then dive deeper in how to inspire and lead a diverse and collaborative workforce
  • Develop strong knowledge of the international economic and socio-economic landscape and the skills necessary to advance development agendas in this global landscape
  • Develop innovative business strategies to lead in international business settings
  • Discover the dynamics of innovation and how to identify opportunities in a changing market

Become a Lifelong Learner and Global Business Leader

This Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership comprises four courses to be taken in just under one year starting Fall 2022. Designed on the basis of a learn-by-doing approach, the courses incorporate case studies and role plays along with the many real-life examples provided by both the faculty thought leaders and fellow participants. Participants come together as a truly international cohort as they learn to develop their leadership skills within a global context while establishing a diverse network around the world that will prove beneficial in future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Explore the Executive Global Business Leadership Certificate courses

Get introduced to your Faculty directors who will lead you through an overview of the program and get you excited about what lays ahead. This special session will explore what to expect, give you time to meet and network with your peers, and share ideas for how best to maximize your learning experience through the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership.

Negotiating is not a one-off activity or a finite set of skills, but an on-going challenge, which benefits from continual practice, analysis, and review. Every negotiation is different, but the basic elements do not change. The tools and techniques provided in this course will assist participants to become better negotiators, whether there is one issue or several, two parties or many.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial leader? Explore both the academic research and field-tested case studies of entrepreneurial leaders in action. Gain leadership skills and techniques that will make you a more impactful leader in your company and career.

Participants will explore the origins and historical context of international protocol, as well as meanings, sources, and basic principles of international and business protocol and etiquette. Participants will analyse case studies from real-life situations, give presentations, and engage in discussions to further understanding.

Learn how to manage high-performing teams by creating connections with others, setting a positive tone, being self-aware, and knowing how to collaborate and build strategic relationships and networks.

You’ve done it! Celebrate how far you have come in your learning journey. In this session your Faculty director will bring the cohort together to wrap up the yearlong program. Together, take a look at what was learned, the big themes to take away, and enjoy time sharing your collective success with peers.

UN Field Visit

Enhance Your Global Learning

Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership Geneva Field Visit

As part of the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership, offered by Babson College and UNITAR, join us for a 5 day field visit to Geneva, Switzerland hosted by UNITAR during the program term. Enhance your Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership learning experience with this unique opportunity to acquire and practice your international affairs and diplomacy skills first hand in a global setting. UNITAR hosts the field visit in the historic Palace of Nations and provides a nuanced balance between learning workshops and expert lectures; exposure to UN conferences and events; networking with high-level officials, UN personnel and diplomats; and guided tours of the rich culture of Geneva.


Meet the UNITAR and Babson Executive Education Thought Leaders

As a student in the Executive Global Business Leadership Certificate program, you’ll gain access to the highly experienced UNITAR and Babson Executive Education faculty who will lead you through a six-course global business leadership program of study.

Jérôme L’host UNITAR

Jérôme L’host

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Senior Consultant

As part of this certificate program, Jérôme L’host will be teaching: The Art of Negotiation

Jérôme L’host is a dedicated Senior Consultant based in Geneva and Moscow, working internationally with both Private and Public Sectors. He is the Founder and General Manager of The November Company, a Training & Consulting Group. He studied Public Administration & Economics (AES) at the University of Savoie. He later specialized in Marketing at the Plus-Values Institute in Paris. Mr. L’host is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Coach, a UN-certified Coach and Trainer, as well as a Synaps-certified, and LSA (Leadership Style Analysis) Coach.

Wendy Murphy, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate School and Professor of Management

Wendy Murphy

Professor of Management Associate Dean

As part of this certificate program, Wendy Murphy will be teaching: Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials and Executive Leadership Program: Owning Your Leadership.

Highly regarded Professor Wendy Murphy’s research, training, and teaching focus on the area of careers: mentoring and developmental networks, identity, and the work-life interface. Her work has been published in MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, and more. She serves as the co-director of the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership program and as faculty for Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials and Executive Leadership Program: Owning Your Leadership.

Participating Faculty

Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett

Professor, Babson Executive Education

Scott Taylor tight headshot

Scott Taylor

Arthur M. Blank Endowed Chair for Values-Based Leadership

Assistant Professor Alia Crocker, Management Division

Alia Crocker

Associate Professor, Babson Executive Education

Ghassan-Hajjaj, UNITAR

Ghassan Hajjaj

Trainer, United Nations Institute for Training and Research

International Protocol and Business Etiquette

Ghassan Hajjaj is a Dubai-based training facilitator and coach with a long history of managing trainings and events in the world of luxury. After graduating from The Protocol School of Washington® in 2005, he started training corporations and individuals in the Arabian Gulf countries on matters of corporate etiquette and protocol. He has provided trainings in more than 35 countries, has lived in 6 countries and speaks 8 languages. His many travels and training presentations across the globe have given him a unique insight into people’s skills and the diplomacy needed to interact and cooperate with people of many different backgrounds and cultures.

Why the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership?

Tap into the Collective Power of UNITAR and Babson College

In partnership and through the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership, UNITAR and Babson College aspire to prepare future entrepreneurial leaders with the tools and learning needed in an ever-expanding international business world.

As global leaders in executive education, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations, and institutions to enhance global decision making and support country-level action for shaping a better future. At the heart of UNITAR, the Division for Multilateral Diplomacy delivers training and support workshops to address the needs of diplomats, government officials, international civil servants, and private sector entities to meet complex, global challenges. UNITAR's Division for Multilateral Diplomacy's activities cover a wide range of domains, including multilateral negotiation, economic diplomacy, human rights, public diplomacy, Agenda 2030 and other related topics, as well as capacities and skills development activities such as diplomatic report writing, public speaking, and many others.

Babson Executive Education prepares and empowers entrepreneurial leaders who create, grow, and steward sustainable economic and social value everywhere. Across all phases of the learning continuum, Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who are nimble, opportunity-driven, innovative, and growth-oriented. They are collaborative problem solvers who simultaneously create economic and social value to help evolve our global community. Babson Executive Education works with organizations and professionals around the world to turn ideas and challenges into opportunity. Babson cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset that is the basis for many of the world’s most innovative businesses and leaders.

Together, we believe in action. We equip you with the practical tools and strategies necessary to drive your growth as a global entrepreneurial leader.