Justice, Citizenship, & Social Responsibility

Courses in Justice, Citizenship, and Social Responsibility explore how individuals and communities construct and find meaning in the world around them. This concentration allows students to understand how cultural and ethical structures are inherited, cultivated, and perpetuated locally and globally, and how they animate and orient human experience. Students take a broad range of courses in philosophy, anthropology, communications, history, political science and law to learn about people as actors in a social environment.

Sponsored by: Arts & Humanities

Faculty Contact: Brian Seitz

Required Courses

Students must choose four (4) courses from the following lists, selecting at least one (1) philosophy course and at least one (1) course from a different discipline. Note that students may choose no more than one (1) intermediate course and no more than two (2) courses from the same discipline (other than philosophy).

At least one (1) philosophy course:

  • CVA 2001 Ethics
  • CVA 2007 Intro to Philosophy
  • CVA 2015 Political Thought
  • PHL 4607 Existentialism
  • PHL 4609 Nature, Technology, and Values

At least one (1) course from the following options; no more than two (2) can be from the same discipline:

  • AMS 4672 Working in America: Labor in the US Since 1892
  • CVA 2005 Anthropology of Religion
  • CVA 2006 Immigrants, Race, and the American Promise
  • CVA 2008 Cultural Anthropology
  • CVA 2010 Gender Studies: A Global Perspective 
  • CVA 2036 Waste, Consumption, and Environmental Justice
  • CVA 2057 Narrating Sustainability
  • CVA 2058 After the Dictator
  • ENV 4605 Global Environmental Activism
  • FRN 4615 Social Justice in France
  • GDR 4605 Global Gender Politics
  • HIS 4610 Social Responsibility in Thailand and Malaysia
  • HIS 4640 Food and Civil Rights
  • HIS 4670 History and Ethics of Capitalism
  • HSS 2018 Introduction to Sociology
  • HSS 2025 Decolonization & Revolution in the 20th Century
  • HSS 2058 The Modern American City
  • HUM 4611 Issues in Latin American Fiction & Film
  • HUM 4630 Extremism
  • LAW 3601 Public International Law and World Order
  • LAW 3605 Privacy Law
  • LIT 4862 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
  • LIT 4676 Imagining Nature, Imagining Ourselves
  • MDS 4620 Mediating the Wild
  • MUS 4620 Global Pop
  • POL 4630 Critical Race & Indigenous Studies
  • QTM 3506 Quantitative Analysis of Structural Injustice 

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