The leadership concentration is designed for students who are interested in leadership roles in businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, family firms, not for profits, or government.

Effective leadership requires a basic understanding of the role and impact of the leader, how the leader adds value to organizations and society, and how to lead in specific contexts. Effective leadership also requires something more.

Leadership is very personal. The leader’s core competencies must include his or her ability to communicate, to inspire others, to lead an ethical decision making process toward ethical outcomes, to lead in a diverse world, to influence others, and negotiate with others. The leader must be able to build effective teams for the purposes of making decisions and executing those decisions. The leader must consider the values that drive her or his decisions.

This concentration is built around the core course, MOB 3512, Leadership, which focuses on the person of the leader and the tasks of leadership. Students then choose two or three related courses from management. These courses will help the student build a leadership tool kit for the future. Students also have the option of taking one course from a list of related offerings from other fields that will allow the student to explore different applications and perspectives on leadership.

This list of related offerings includes courses from Strategic Management and Operations and Information Management. In addition to standing on its own, the Leadership concentration also supports concentrations in the full range of business disciplines. Each student interested in the Leadership concentration will ideally set up a specific plan that meets his or her needs.

Sponsored by: Management

Faculty Contact: James Hunt

Required Course

  • MOB 3512 Leadership

A) At least two (2) of the remaining three (3) courses for the concentration must be chosen from the following list:

  • MOB 3514 Leading in a Connected World 
  • MOB 3515 Developing the Employee Experience
  • MOB 3580 Negotiations
  • MOB 3582 Global Management Communications (if taken prior to Spring 2021)
  • MOB 4572 Management Consulting
  • MFE 3534 Management Consulting Field Experience 

B) One (1) course for the Leadership concentration can be chosen from the following list:

  • MOB 4510 Strategic Decision Making 
  • OIM 3509 Project Management (formerly MOB3 509 Project Management) 
  • MOB 3560 Global Strategy Management (if taken prior to Spring 2021)
  • MKT 4505 Marketing Management (if taken prior to Spring 2021)
  • EPS 3520 Managing the Growing Business (if taken prior to Spring 2021)

Course offerings related to leadership are offered by a number of divisions from time to time, such as History and Society. Please check with the faculty advisor regarding whether or not they might count toward a B) level requirement. 




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