Managerial Financial Planning and Analysis

The Managerial Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) concentration is designed to cover the fundamental concepts and techniques of financial reporting, planning, and analysis used by accounting and financial professionals to plan and support the successful management of a business.

The FP&A concentration is particularly relevant for students who plan to work within the finance and/or accounting functions of various-sized businesses ranging from startups to large multinationals and for current or aspiring entrepreneurs as they navigate their businesses through dynamic business cycles.

Students will learn the basic frameworks and processes of financial planning, through budgeting, from forecasting monthly, quarterly, and annual business results to long-range strategic planning.

Students also will learn how to prepare, analyze, and report financial and operational reviews for a business which cover these same monthly/quarterly, annual, and multiyear time frames. Further, students will learn the analytical skills necessary to provide financial support for day-to-day management decision making in such areas as new product/service introduction, pricing, cost control and cost management, outsourcing, and capital spending.

Sponsored by: Accounting & Law

Faculty Contacts: Richard Block and Weerapat Attachot

Required Courses

  • ACC 3510 Financial Planning & Cost Control
  • FIN 3515 Corporate Financial Management

Elective Courses

Choose one (1) course from the following:

  • ACC 3502 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • ACC 3501 Intermediate Accounting II

Choose one (1) course from the following:

  • ECN 3655 Managerial Economics
  • EPS 4510 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • FIN 3535 Financing and Valuing Sustainability
  • FIN 4510 Corporate Financial Modeling & Decision Tools
  • FIN 4540 Corporate Financial Strategy
  • FIN 4570 Global Financial Management

Courses Suggested But Not Required

  • ACC 4530 Advanced Accounting
  • ECN 3630 Industrial Organization and Public Policy
  • ECN 3665 International Finance
  • ECN 3671 Economics of the Labor Market
  • ECN 3675 Environmental Economics Policy and Analysis
  • EPS 3501 Entrepreneurship and Opportunities
  • EPS 3516 The Principle of Objectivity
  • EPS 3550 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • FIN 3520 Security Valuation
  • FIN 3555 Real Estate Investment
  • FIN 3560 Financial Markets and Instruments
  • FIN 4510 Corporate Financial Modeling and Decision Tools
  • FIN 4560 Options and Futures
  • LAW 3560 International Law for Business
  • MCFE Field Project
  • MOB 3511 Business Presentations
  • MOB 3514 Managing the High-Performing Organization
  • MOB 3535 Strategy Execution
  • MOB 3560 Global Strategic Management
  • OIM 3573 Supply Chain Management (formerly MOB 3573 Supply Chain Management)
  • MOB 4510 Strategic Decision Making
  • MOB 4572 Management Consulting
  • OIM 2645 Modeling with Excel
  • OIM 3509 Project Management
  • OIM 3545 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • OIM 3620 Cybersecurity
  • TAX 3500 Taxes
  • TAX 3650 Tax Policy
  • TAX 7530 Strategic Business and Tax Planning (Seniors, with instructor permission)

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