You have big ideas and big dreams. At Babson, we teach you how to find the opportunity in every challenge and turn those ideas into real innovations. By focusing on entrepreneurial leadership, we’re preparing our students to go from today’s learners into future leaders.

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As a top undergraduate business school, our students don’t just go on to great things—they thrive, taking the world along for the journey.


for Undergraduate School for Entrepreneurship
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Entrepreneurial Leaders Are the Future

An entrepreneurial leader has the characteristics of all good leaders: collaborative, thoughtful, focused, motivated. Someone who values optimism, coming together, experimenting, and learning from mistakes to produce the best results. Why Babson focuses on entrepreneurial leadership is simple—the best undergraduate business school will teach you how to have and execute this mindset.

Entrepreneurial leaders don’t dwell on the problems, they solve them. In their own, unique way.

Our students have never met a status quo they didn’t question. You may wonder how fashion could be more sustainable. Or how to be a better public speaker. Or what streaming means for the future of Hollywood. Or how you can support immigrants while exploring your own heritage. These questions are entrepreneurial leadership in action. See an issue, ask questions, take action.

student profile

Zarvon Rejaee ’24

“The way entrepreneurs think progressively and outside of the box, that’s what we need and that’s what we’ll do.”

student profile

Lexie Cheng ’25

“As the climate clock rapidly nears the end of its countdown, we're still drawn to professions that further perpetuate the problems that we want to see changed. … Entrepreneurship provides a tinge of optimism by giving us the ability to be proactive instead of reactive and to create long-term solutions before long-term damage becomes irreparable.”

student profile

Madison Grogan ’24

“Education … is the key to developing a country and progressing a society. If we work to expand education of youth throughout the world, the world could be a much better place.”

student profile

Teddy Sourlis ’22

CEO and founder of Men’s Mental

“Mental health is not something that is talked about in locker rooms. … My goal is to ensure that no one feels alone. My hope is to spread as much awareness as possible.”

The Classroom Is Your Playground

Babson is a hub for creative solutions to societal concerns. We provide the resources, and you run with them. We designed our curriculum, a mix of business and the liberal arts and sciences, around practical knowledge and hands-on learning.

student profile

Stephanie Mishler ’22

Babson cross-country and track and field runner

“When I came to Babson, I wanted to turn my nonprofit into a beauty business but the more I learned about entrepreneurship, the more I felt like I needed more experience before doing that.”

Learning by doing is our mantra, and never is that more true than in Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (or FME, as our students call it). You will turn an idea into a tangible venture—all while learning what actually makes a business work. 

It’s a pivotal first step in a Babson student’s journey and one that pays off immediately. You may even discover where your passions lie in the process. We offer more than 20 concentrations, focused on a different area of business. Future accountants, government workers, financial advisors, sustainability advocates, and supply chain experts all have a place here.

student profile

Sophia Pantos ’24 on FME

It puts everything into this crazy course on entrepreneurship. It introduces you to what business and Babson are all about.

Celebrate Your Fullest Self

We are home to a diverse, global community. How you live, who you love, where you’ve come from, what you strive for—these are all things to live out loud here. We are learning and working every day to build a campus that is equitable, inclusive, and accountable to everyone we serve. Our goal is for our entire community to prosper together.

*Class of 2025
**of total undergraduate enrollments, Fall 2021

‘My Mission Was to Make Change.’

– Global Scholar Andrea Torres ’24 on Her Journey to Babson

student profile

Maya Mutalik ’21

Founder, Hope Sews

“The leadership skills I learned as a CWEL (Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership) Scholar and the connections I made as a WIN Growth Lab founder have been vital components to the scalability of my business.”

student profile

Haja Ba ’24

of the Black Student Union and The Johnson House

“One of the things that Babson is doing right now is we’re connecting the different organizations and efforts. The DEI efforts are not isolated; they’re all connected right now. And, we’re trying to find more ways to connect with each other.”

student profile

Ryan Findling ’23

“The core of Babson Pride is that it provides a place where you’ll always have a shoulder to lean on or someone new to say ‘Hi’ to.”

Make the Picture-Perfect Choice

Our dynamic, supportive environment and state-of-the-art facilities make Babson’s campus hard to leave (and hard not to post about!). From over 40 athletic teams (varsity and intramural) to a thriving arts community to a Dunkin’ right on campus to over 100 clubs and organizations (including Greek life) and global study opportunities, our students always have something to do. Plus, we’re neighborly partners with Wellesley College and F.W. Olin College of Engineering and a stone’s throw from Boston.

Adventure awaits, so come see how we balance working hard with playing hard.

student profile

Alicia Sibole ’23

“They understood my story, and they wanted me to be a part of eTower’s story. That was where I really found my family; that’s where I found my home.”

student profile

Jack Flynn ’20

“I … spent a lot of time at the Weissman Foundry. Beyond the machines at the Foundry, there is huge value in the community of creatives who gather in that space. Not just from Babson, but from Wellesley and Olin colleges, too.”

student profile

Jaylen Bell ’21

former president of the Black Student Union, on The Johnson House

“As we talk about how we can provide social economic value, even globally, I think it’s important to have a house and have a space dedicated to that on Babson’s campus. There’s a need for social economic value globally, yes, but there’s a need for social economic value in our backyard, in Boston.”

Results Only a Top Undergraduate Business School Provides

Experienced faculty. Small classes. Real-world applications. Dedicated staff. Expansive alumni network. Global population (192 countries represented and counting). Our environment breeds success.

And, from the classroom to the boardroom, you have endless support on campus. The Hoffman Center for Career Development (CCD), our faculty, hands-on learning opportunities, and your classes prepare you for professional life from day one.


Student-to-faculty Ratio


of classes are taught by professors (0 teaching assistants)


of students in the class of 2021 had at least one internship while at Babson


employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation*

*based on responses from the class of 2021, with a knowledge rate of 85%

Our students don’t just start businesses, either. You will find our alums turning all industries (technology, education, health care, to name a few) on their heads.

student profile

Bessy Tam ’13

Global Product Lead, Google and Founder/CEO of

“Entrepreneurship is embedded in everything that I do—even at my work at Google, I have to think and act like an entrepreneur to ensure my product is successful.”

student profile

Cedric Mfuranzima ’20


“When I came to Babson, I wanted to turn my nonprofit into a beauty business but the more I learned about entrepreneurship, the more I felt like I needed more experience before doing that.”

student profile

Julia Dean ’18

Human Capital Analyst, Deloitte

“At Deloitte, I have to be very problem-solving oriented. I have to work flexibly and adaptably with my teammates to help solve our clients’ most pressing, large-scale problems.”

student profile

Lucas Webb ’13

Co-founder, Who Is Coffee

“Learning more deeply about marketing, accounting, strategy, operations, and finance was critical, since we are only two people and need to play a role in every business function.”

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